Courses & Guides

Peaceful Nights Course

Holistic Sleep Course | 0-18 months

This evidence-based and attachment-focussed course will equip you with knowledge, strategies and support for navigating every aspect of infant sleep.

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The Toddler Sleep Course

Holistic Sleep Course | 18 Months - 5 Years

With attachment at the forefront, this evidence-based course is tailor-made to support the intricacies of sleep and development during toddlerhood.

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The Bedtime Guide

Gentle Bedtimes | 0-5 Years

Whether you’re looking to support independent sleep, overcome bedtime fears and separation anxiety, or simply best-support bedtime to make life easier and more peaceful at the end of a busy day, this guide has you covered.

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Nap So Simple

Stress-Free Naps | 0 - 3 years

Your guide to stress-free naptimes, including gentle crib transitions.

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Your Baby's Brain

Infant Mental Health | 0 - 3 years

Your complete guide to Infant Mental Health, for babies aged 0 - 3 years.

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Weaning Gently

Gentle Weaning | Babies & Toddlers

Whether you're considering night weaning, full weaning, or simply looking to set some limits, this gentle guide will support you through every aspect of your weaning journey.

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1:1 Support

Virtual Consult

Tailored Support | 60 Minutes

Sometimes, being able to chat through all angles of a situation, face-to-face, is exactly what we need.

Virtual consults are ideal for families looking for customized support that's evidence-based and responsive in nature.

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Support Bundle

Tailored Support | 30 Days

This package is ideal for families looking for ongoing customized support.

It begins with a virtual consult, and continues with on-demand email support for a full calendar month.

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Upgrade To Bundle

Upgrade Your Support | 30 Days

With this upgrade, you'll have access to on-demand email support for a full calendar month.

This upgrade is available to clients who have already purchased a Virtual Consult.

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  • Kaitlyn

    "My baby sleeps now, but what's even better is that I don't stress about it anymore."

  • Ellie

    "This is what I wish I had from day one!"

  • Katie

    "As a first time mom worried about sleep and everything else, this has made the biggest difference. I am more confident, better rested and happier overall."

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  • Stephanie

    "This has been the gentlest approach to the early years that I could imagine. As a psych, I love that everything shared is attachment-based."

  • Tash

    "I just love that there's no sleep training and yet our baby is sleeping so much better!"

  • Clare

    "I'm not stressed about my baby's sleep anymore."

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