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The Bedtime Guide

The Bedtime Guide

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Gentle bedtimes | 0 - 5 years

For smoother, calmer and altogether easier bedtimes, this guide has you covered.

Inside, you’ll find tools and strategies to remove bedtime struggles and stress, and make bedtime a period of true connection and ease, for yourself and for your child.

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What's Inside?

Falling asleep independently

Rooted in attachment, this guide will walk you through how to safely and gently support your little one in falling asleep independently.

Bedtime with other caregivers

Supporting the introduction of other caregivers at sleep times can feel like a huge mountain to climb! This guide will walk you through how to bring in daddy, nanny, or another trusted caregiver, without any need for training or disconnect.

Removing the bedtime feed

Moving away from milk at bedtime can feel overwhelming. This guide will walk you through how to gently remove the bedtime feed, without removing your little one's sense of comfort.

Introducing a crib

If you'd love to transition baby to a crib, safely and gently, this guide has you covered.

Bedtime fears & separation anxiety

Separation anxiety and fears at bedtime can bring lots of stress to children and parents alike. Inside these pages, you'll find the strategies you need to relieve anxiety, fears and stress, and bring in security, peace and ease.

Bedtime stalling, long bedtimes & bedtime battles

Safe, gentle and effective strategies are a must when it comes to navigating stalling and stress at bedtime. The guide will walk you through how to navigate stalling and stress, and rest in calm and peaceful sleep times.

False starts

If your little one wakes shortly after falling asleep, a few tweaks to bedtime can often help a lot! This guide covers false starts in full and, as always, though an attachment lens.

Bedtime with multiple children

If you're expecting your second (or third, or fourth!) baby, or are a parent of multiples, this guide will walk you through manageable approaches that can make a big difference to everyone’s bedtime experience.

Building a bedtime routine

We take a look at how to choose and implement the elements that work best for your unique family. Age-specific example rhythms are provided, including a visual cue chart to support toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Bedtime stories

The power of storytelling is never more apparent than at bedtime! The guide digs into how to utilise storytelling before bed, and offers a story to personalise.

Bedtime when travelling

We look at how best to support bedtimes during travel, and how to navigate jet-lag, to maximise everyone's rest in the healthiest ways.

The Key Elements of bedtime

Bedtime Rhythm

Wondering whether your little one needs quiet time or rough-and-tumble play before bed? How about a snack for your toddler? There are many different elements of a bedtime rhythm, and not every element will work for every family.

This guide walks you through how to build your best-fitting bedtime rhythm; including which elements to include, and in which order.

There are also sample rhythms to adopt and tweak, as needed, for each age-range...from babyhood through to the pre-school years.

Bedtime with other caregivers

A Little Flexibility

If bedtime is exclusively mama-time, and you'd love for another caregiver to be able to soothe your little one to sleep, this guide has you covered.

From bridging, to play-based processing, and everything in between, we can support the introduction of other caregivers at sleep times, without any need for training or disconnect.

toddler sleep

Independent Sleep

If you're looking to support your toddler to fall asleep independently, without 'training' or disconnect, an attachment-rooted approach is both safest and most effective.

This guide lays out the process of supporting independent sleep through an attachment lens, and offers a buffer against separation challenges by digging deep into separation anxiety and bedtime fears, too.

Within this guide, you'll find gentle strategies and scripts to help you navigate the transition to independent sleep, and make the process both peaceful and long-lasting.

  • "It gave us tools, perspective and more patience; now we're both able to soothe him to sleep."

  • "I don't stress about sleep or bedtime anymore."

  • "Actual science, guidance, and just genuinely comforting."

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A Gentle Approach

The guide is filled with information and strategies that are attachment-rooted and evidence-based, without any mention of leaving little ones to 'cry it out'.

Whether you’re looking to support independent sleep, overcome bedtime fears and separation anxiety, or simply best-support bedtime to make life easier and more peaceful at the end of a busy day, these pages will be your bedtime go-to!

Resources that make a real difference...

The guide also includes supportive affirmations and a deep-dive into how re-parenting plays a key role in peaceful bedtimes.

There are practical and easy-to-apply resources weaved throughout, including example rhythms for every age and stage, real-life scenario scripting, a visual bedtime cue chart, a bedtime story to personalize, and so much more!

  • "Helped me so much with bedtime, and gave me peace and comfort. 1000% recommend."

  • "This guide shifted my attitude to sleep. My boy and I are a team finding our way, he's not a challenge to be overcome."

  • "Our bedtimes were taking so long and I would lose my entire evening. I love that I can now get him down easily and quickly, which means I get some time to relax as well!"

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