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The Bedtime Guide

The Bedtime Guide

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Gentle bedtimes, for children aged 0 - 5 years:

For smoother, calmer and altogether easier bedtimes, this guide has you covered.

Inside, you’ll find tools and strategies to remove bedtime struggles and stress, and make bedtime a period of true connection and ease, for yourself and for your child.

This guide is filled with information and strategies that are attachment-rooted and evidence-based, without any mention of leaving little ones to 'cry it out', I promise!  So whether you’re looking to support independent sleep, overcome bedtime fears and separation anxiety, or simply best-support bedtime to make life easier and more peaceful at the end of a busy day, these pages are your bedtime BFF.

What's Inside?

  • Falling asleep independently.
  • Bedtime fears and separation anxiety.
  • Removing the bedtime feed.
  • Introducing a crib, floor bed or toddler bed.
  • Stalling and long bedtimes.
  • Fighting sleep and bedtime battles.
  • False starts.
  • Building your bedtime routine.
  • Building your bedtime story.
  • Bedtime with other caregivers.
  • Bedtime with multiple children
  • Bedtime when travelling, or on special occasions.

The guide also includes supportive affirmations and a deep-dive into how re-parenting plays a key role in peaceful bedtimes.  There are practical and easy-to-apply resources weaved throughout, including example rhythms for every age and stage, real-life scenario scripting, a visual bedtime cue chart, a bedtime story to personalize, and so much more! 

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