Would you love to support families as a Pediatric Sleep and Development Specialist?

Whether you're a practitioner seeking professional development, or you're ready to begin on a brand new and transformational career path in Pediatric Sleep and Development, this fully accredited qualification will equip you with everything you need to support families in the most rewarding role.

Professional Development

Professional training that makes a real difference

Equipping you with the professional training and practical skills needed to establish and grow a sustainable business, this certification is your complete package for building a career that makes a genuine difference in the lives of the families you support.

International Accreditation

Say yes to international accreditation

Accredited by the world's largest Continued Professional Development provider, this certification will offer both continued education credits and peace of mind that your learning journey is fully verified and endorsed.

Scientific Application

Bridging scientific theory with real-life application

Balancing both theory and practical application, each module is carefully designed to equip you with the depth of knowledge and practical skills to offer the most up-to-date, evidenced and safe guidance for the families you support.

Program Curriculum


Sleep Anthropology

This module will walk you through the historical, cultural and social context of sleep and development.

Your learning will be supported by guest speakers, Dr Deborah MacNamara and Dr Sophie Brock.

Neurological Development

Within this module, you'll learn about the foundations of the nervous system, synaptic development and the roles of stress and attachment on the developing brain.

Your learning will be supported by guest speaker, Dr Greer Kirshenbaum.

Sleep Science

Within this module, you'll learn the anatomy, architecture and function of sleep, and progress to distinguish biologically normal infant sleep from paediatric sleep disorders, all while centering the science of safe sleep.

This module's learning is supported by guest speaker, Professor Helen Ball.

Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

Designed in alignment with Infant Mental Health frameworks, this module will equip you with a deep understanding of the fundamental P-IMH principles to best-support your professional practice.

Your guest speakers for this component of the curriculum are Fiona Rogerson and Crystal Miles.

Attachment Science

This module offers a deep dive into Attachment Science; from the fundamentals of attachment theory to measuring attachment outcomes, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how secure attachments lay the foundation for healthy development.

Your learning will be supported by guest speaker, Rachel Samson.

Sensitivity and Temperament

Within this module, you'll learn the biological foundations of sensitivity and temperament, and how individual differences can impact sleep and development trajectories.

This module's learning is supported by guest speakers Dr Aoife Durcan and Kelly Mahler.

Infant Feeding

This module will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between infant feeding and pediatric sleep and development.

Covering the biology of feeding patterns, the association between feeding challenges and sleep challenges, and the introduction of solids and night weaning, the lessons within this module are deigned to support your holistic practice and approach.

This module's learning is supported by Maggie Rajtar-Sullivan and Dr
Nora Ghodousi-Zaghi.

Advanced Sleep Solutions

This module will equip you with advanced strategies and methodologies for addressing common pediatric sleep challenges.

Guided by evidence-based practices and real-world case studies, you'll learn how to apply the science of sleep, attachment and development in practical and family-centered terms.

Working With Families

In this module, you'll learn essential skills for effective client communication and support.

Through detailed case studies, you'll be able to fine-tune your skillset and tailor your approach to meet the diverse needs of the families you support.

Business Development and Ethics

In this module, you'll learn how to build and grow an ethical and sustainable business in Pediatric Sleep and Development.

You'll develop the skills and 'business toolkit' necessary to thrive as a Pediatric Sleep and Development Specialist, making a meaningful impact in the lives of families while building and progressing a successful and fulfilling career.

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Pediatric Sleep and Development Practitioner Certification

Pediatric Sleep and Development Practitioner Certification

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Self-paced and fully-resourced, this certification offers everything you need in one complete package.

Your Expert team

Guided by experts, from start to finish

As course Director, Louise will guide your learning journey.

Louise is a mom of two, Pediatric Sleep and Development Specialist, P-IMH Specialist and Lactation Consultant.

A member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Louise certified in Sleep Science via the University of Western Australia and was awarded her infant feeding credentials via the Interstate Post-Graduate medical board.

Louise certified in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health at Warwick Medical School, and has since expanded her practice internationally, as founder of Mother Nourish Nurture.

Be the change

A career that feels good and does good

Whether you're just starting out, or looking to advance your career in pediatric sleep and development, this field of work makes a tangible difference in the lives of children and their families, day after day.

In an industry rife with misinformation and pseudo-certifications, you'll have the knowledge-base and accreditation needed to best support the families you work with, and follow a new industry standard for clinical best-practice.

Building your business

Building and growing a sustainable and successful business

From strategic planning to sustainable growth practices, you'll learn how to establish and support a thriving practice.

Whether you're building a brand new business or seeking to grow your brand and offerings, you'll learn the comprehensive steps for navigating sustainable and easeful business development.


Will the course be accredited?

Yes, via a robust third-party assessment and accreditation process with the world's leading Continued Professional Development service.

Recognized independent accreditation, compatible with global CPD requirements, means that the program has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks, and the learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.

Will I earn CPD/CE credits?

Yes! This course will offer Continued Professional Development / Continued Education credits to support your professional development.

The assessors are finalising the exact number of credits currently, and the specifics will be communicated here and via email as soon as they are published.

How will I receive my certification?

After completing all modules of the program and passing all assessments, you will be issued your certification in Pediatric Sleep and Development.

This will arrive via email, no later than two weeks after submitting your final assessment.

Who is this certification for?

This program has been designed to equip you with everything you need to work as a Pediatric Sleep and Development Specialist.

For practitioners in related or unrelated fields, you will earn Continued Professional Development credits and further your knowledge-base and skillset.

For those wanting to begin a career in Pediatric Sleep and Development, you will learn everything you need to know to build your business and support clients safely and effectively.

Who will teach the curriculum?

The curriculum is led and directed by Louise, and supported by a team of expert speakers.

Your speakers include:

How will the program support my learning outcomes?

The curriculum has been designed and organised to support reflective practice (RP), and you will find opportunities for RP weaved throughout the modules.

There are 10 modules in total, built to support you in transferring relevant theory into your professional practice.

As such, the curriculum aligns to Infant Mental Health competency frameworks and clinical best-practice guidelines.

How long will it take to complete the certification?

Our assessment process has placed the completion timescale at roughly 16 weeks, via part-time study. This encompasses around 5 hours per week of active learning, though the program is entirely self-paced.

You will have a full calendar year to complete the certification, and extensions are available by request if life circumstances have stalled or slowed your progress.

We want to take the stress out of learning, so that you can focus on furthering your knowledge and skillset to build your business with ease, and best-support your clients.

How will my learning be assessed?

Learning is assessed and verified via multiple-choice assessments and one final written assignment.

A pass mark of 70% is needed to complete the course, and you will have the opportunity to re-take any assessments that fall short of this benchmark.

How much does the certification cost?

The program costs $1925 and there are no hidden fees or extras to worry about. Transparency is a key value here at Mother Nourish Nurture, so our pricing will always be visible, clear and honest.

You can also save $500 by pre-enrolling. This saving is being offered as a 'thank you' for your commitment and patience, and the course will never again be priced so low, so if you're considering signing up, now is a great time to do so!

When can I get started?

The course is due to launch this July or August.

With pre-enrolment, you'll receive regular email updates between now and the launch date, plus you'll save $500 as a little 'thank you' for being so patient.

Once the course launches, you'll receive your access information straight away, so that you can get started with your learning journey.

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Setting a new industry standard for learning, where the art and science of nurture transfer from the textbook to professional practice.

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Note: The launch date and credit total of this certification are to be confirmed, and will be communicated as soon as they become available. Thank you for your patience!