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The Toddler Sleep Course

The Toddler Sleep Course

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Holistic Sleep Course | 18 months - 5 years

Rooted in attachment and fully evidence-based, this course is designed to equip you with the knowledge, strategies and support for navigating every aspect of toddler sleep.

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What's Inside?

Holistic sleep support framework

A detailed framework to support sleep safely and holistically.

Falling asleep independently

Explore evidence-based and developmentally-appropriate steps for falling asleep independently.

Introducing a toddler bed or floor bed

The gentlest methodology and steps for introducing an independent sleep space when the time feels right to do so.

Sleep science

We explore the biology of toddler sleep.

Night weaning

The step by step methodology of how to gently and safely remove or reduce night feeds is included in full, alongside how to move away from feeding to sleep.

A bonus night weaning story is also included, to read & enjoy with your little one.


Learn what to expect, and how to navigate naps during toddlerhood.


The key elements of a healthy bedtime routine are covered in full, plus practical strategies for navigating:

  • Bedtime with other caregivers
  • Parental preference
  • Long bedtimes
  • Bedtime stalling
  • Bedtime battles
  • Separation anxiety
  • Bedtime fears

Sleep temperament and sensitivity

We explore temperament in depth, including:

  • Sensitivity and the nervous system
  • Sensory input in relation to sleep

Toddler neurology

Explore how brain development during toddlerhood impacts sleep.

Safe sleep principles for toddlerhood

Safe sleep principles to equip you with the safety information that your family needs.


Troubleshooting and practical strategies to navigate various challenges are detailed in full, including:

  • Night waking
  • Split nights
  • Early rising
  • False starts
  • Night terrors
  • Repair after sleep training

Red flags

You'll learn the red flags to look out for, to best support your toddler's sleep, well-being and development, in the safest and healthiest ways.


With a deeper understanding of how and why toddlers sleep the way they do, plus step-by-step methodologies for navigating common challenges, this course is designed to support your family as a whole.

You'll find downloadable guides and reference sheets weaved throughout, plus affirmations and practical resources, to support your journey.

Co-Sleeping, toddler beds & Floor beds

Where Toddlers Sleep

Bedsharing, crib sleeping, floor beds and big kid beds…the options are plentiful when it comes to where toddlers sleep.

This course will equip you with the knowledge and practical methodologies to opt for the sleep set-up that works best for your family.

Setting limits, reducing or removing night feeds

Night Weaning

We're often warned against feeding our babies to sleep, or through the night. We're also often ready to night wean, but unsure of how to do so gently.

This course is here to support your journey - whether it's continuing night feeds or setting limits - it explores the biology behind why babies feed during the night, and offers attachment-rooted guidance for how to reduce or remove those feeds when the time feels right for you.

Troubleshooting Toddler Sleep Challenges

Supporting Your Toddler's Sleep

By working with biology and attachment, we can support sleep in the most developmentally-appropriate ways, without any need for sleep training.

This course offers safe and effective strategies for navigating common sleep challenges, all without disconnect.

  • "This course has given me so much! My toddler is sleeping so well, and I'm finally feeling good about his sleep and development. Thank you!"

A Gentle Approach

The Toddler Sleep Course is attachment-rooted and evidence-based, without any mention of leaving little ones to 'cry it out'.

Instead of attempting to 'train' our toddlers, this course will equip you to support their sleep in biologically safe and appropriate ways.

The results?

Healthy sleep, less stress, and more ease - both day and night.

Course Resources

In addition to the video lessons, the course offers many supporting resources...

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Action Plans

Troubleshooting Action Plans are included to help bring more ease to your nights, including:

  • Night waking
  • False starts
  • Split nights
  • Night terrors

Night Weaning Quick Reference Guide

A quick-reference guide to support your night weaning journey.

Cheat Sheets

The course includes the following cheat sheets:

  • Tired Cues Cheat Sheet
  • Pre-emptive Soothing Cheat Sheet

Scenario Scripting

The following real-life scenario scripts are included in the course:

  • Easing separation anxiety
  • Bedtime stalling
  • Parental preference
  • Repair after sleep training
  • Validation big feelings with another caregiver
  • Affirmations for difficult bedtimes

Example Bedtime Rhythm

You'll find a downloadable ready-to-go bedtime rhythm, plus a visual cue rhythm to support your toddler's understanding and processing of the bedtime routine.


As well-being is central to this course, affirmations are included, to bring more ease to your days and nights.


As a bonus within the night weaning module, you'll find a bedtime story to read and enjoy with your little one:

  • Good Night Milk - Night Weaning Bedtime Story

Course Experience

Questions about access and accessibility? You'll find your answers here...

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After your purchase, you'll receive an email providing you with your individual, lifetime access to the course.


You can progress through the course at your own pace and revisit any section at any time in the future.


Over 2 hours of specialised & holistic sleep support.


46 video based lessons.  You can watch the modules via your device, or simply plug in headphones and listen to the audio.


The course is fully mobile-responsive, allowing you to learn 'on the go' from any phone, tablet, or computer.


The course comes with supporting resources, including:

  • Action plans
  • Reference guide
  • Cheat sheets
  • Scenario scripts
  • Example bedtime rhythm
  • Visual cue bedtime rhythm
  • Affirmations
  • Bonus night weaning story


The course includes the option of closed captions/subtitles.

  • "I'm beyond grateful for this course!!"