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Nap So Simple eBook

Nap So Simple eBook

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If you're looking for support with your little one's naptimes, this attachment-focused guide details the biological norms of infant sleep, outlines the how-to of gentle crib transitions, and offers practical strategies for dealing with common challenges.

What's Inside?

- Transitioning to the crib
- Dropping a nap
- Overtiredness
- Napping at daycare or with other caregivers
- Cat naps

- The biology behind contact naps, breast-sleeping, motion napping and co-napping.

- Troubleshooting ‘sleep science’, including:
- Sleep cycles
- Wake windows
- Tired cues
- Total sleep hours

The guide includes supportive affirmations, and offers a holistic approach to embracing and supporting your little ones' unique needs and sleep personality. Inside, we unpack the myth of 'the perfect nap' and focus instead on biological norms.  Stress-free naptimes are just a click away. 

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