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Nap So Simple Guide

Nap So Simple Guide

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Stress-Free Naps | 0 - 3 years

For stress-free naptimes, this guide covers it all!

Inside, you’ll find attachment-rooted strategies for bringing more ease and flexibility to naptime, including how to safely and gently introduce crib naps, and how to navigate common challenges with peace and ease.


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What's Inside?

Transitioning to crib naps

How to safely and gently introducing a crib at nap time, without any need for sleep training.

By opting for an attachment-rooted approach, we support healthy sleep associations and enjoy the added benefit and flexibility of being able to switch between contact and crib naps, as needed.

Dropping a nap

Whether it's transitioning down to fewer naps, or losing naptime altogether - this guide will help you identify when it's time to safely drop a nap, and support you and your baby through the process.

Napping at daycare and with other caregivers

We take a look at supporting naps away from home, or away from baby's primary caregiver.

Biological napping norms

From contact naps, to motion naps, to falling asleep during feeds...we explore what's biologically normal and how to work with infant biology to make naptime easier all round.

Cat napping

You'll learn the truth about cat napping (spoiler; it's very normal!) and how to support longer naps, as needed.


You'll learn the overtired signs to watch out for, how to avoid overtiredness, and how best to support your overtired baby (all without pressure or extra stress).

Disrupted naps

If you have multiple children at home, a dog prone to barking, or a particularly loud phone, tips and tricks about how to prevent and navigate disrupted naps can be super helpful!


“What can I do if my baby consistently wakes after 40 minutes of a crib nap? And Is it possible to switch between contact naps and crib naps?”

We troubleshoot the common questions that crop up around naptime.

Wake windows

The guide offers an evidence-based and sensitive take on wake windows that you may not have heard before.

Instead of a rigid structure to try to implement, we take a look at how to identify and support baby's unique wake windows.

Sleep cycles

You'll learn the biology behind infant sleep cycles, and what to expect at naptime.

Tired cues

We explore early, late and overtired cues, to best support baby's naps.

Total sleep hours

Total sleep hours are such an integral piece of the nap puzzle. You'll learn what's biologically normal when it comes to how long your baby sleeps, both day and night.

Safe Sleep

The guide includes safe sleep guidelines to ensure safety and peace of mind during naps.


The guide takes into account the historic context of infant sleep and the 'myth of the perfect nap', the nuance of being human and what that means for sleep, and offers affirmations to support you in supporting your baby.

your unique baby

The Perfect Nap

We're told that the 'perfect' nap is long, scheduled and solo. Yet there's a wealth of research showing that children have varying sleep needs.

This guide will help you drop the 'shoulds' around naptime, and establish your own version of 'perfect' - tailored to your baby's unique needs.

biological norms

Is It Normal?

Contact naps, motion naps, falling asleep during feeds...

It's all biologically normal!

This guide explores the 'why' behind biological napping norms, equipping you with safe ways of working with biology, to make naptimes easier and smoother overall.

Does that mean that every nap must be a contact nap? Not at all! We can also use this biological 'why' to gently make changes as needed, introduce independent naps, and bring in some more flexibility to our days.

Naptime Flexibility

Crib Naps

As moms, we’re often advised to ‘just switch’ naps to the crib, with no clear guidance of how, only to find that our babies protest this brand new sleeping environment.

This guide will walk you through the gentlest and safest approach to transitioning to crib naps, with no need for disconnect or 'training'.

Tried, tested and trusted by thousands of families to date, this is your ticket to stress-free naptimes!

  • "I purchased the nap guide to help me transition my babe to the cot when we were both ready. Today was that day, and she slept for over an hour in her cot!"

  • "He's been sleeping in his crib for most naps and at bedtime! We still do the occasional nap together for those extra snuggles though!"

  • "This guide helped me learn how to transfer my baby into bed for naps and at bedtime, which I am so grateful for."

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A Gentle Approach

The guide is attachment-rooted and evidence-based, without any mention of leaving little ones to 'cry it out'.

We can support daytime sleep, for both babies and toddlers, via a biologically safe and appropriate approach, that supports healthy sleep associations and sets connection and relationship at the forefront.

Resources that make a real difference...

The guide offers the step-by-step methodology for gentle crib transitions, troubleshooting, safe sleep guidelines, and dive into the sleep science components that actually make a difference to naptime.

There are no rigid 'rules' here; just evidence-based sleep support that's safe, gentle and effective.

  • "For the first time in her 7 months of life, my girl is taking a nap in her crib! She stirred a few times and resettled herself. This mama is SO grateful to have this time to drink coffee and watch TV, something I haven't done in peace since before she was born! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"

  • "I studied developmental psychology and attachment theory during my Master's. Your guide is the only one that refers to the research I studied there."

  • "My baby nurses to sleep and contact naps at home, and she's doing so well napping in other settings (at daycare and with grandma) without me. We implemented pretty much all of the tips in your nap guide and it's been so helpful, even for me to be able to slip away occasionally while she naps."

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