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Peaceful Nights

Peaceful Nights

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Holistic sleep support, for infants aged 0 - 18 months:

Join Louise, as she takes you through this evidence-based and attachment-focused course, which will equip you with knowledge, strategies and support for navigating every aspect of infant sleep.

This course involves no sleep training or rigid sleep rules.  Instead, this framework rests firmly on the principle that we can support and optimize our babies' sleep in ways that are both effective and easy on our hearts as moms.


What's included?

  • Detailed Holistic Sleep Support Framework
  • Safe sleep principles
  • Where babies sleep, including everything you need to know about:
    • Safe bedsharing
    • Introducing a crib, and gentle crib transitions
    • Floor-beds
    • How to apply sleep & attachment science to best support baby's sleep
    • Deep dives into:
      • Sleeping through the night
      • Self-soothing
      • Independent sleep
    • Night feeds
    • Night weaning, including:
      • A BONUS night weaning story to read & enjoy with your little one
    • Troubleshooting, including:
      • Split nights
      • Early rising
      • False starts
      • Long bedtimes
      • Fighting sleep & bedtime battles
      • Frequent wakes
      • Baby won't sleep independently
      • Baby only sleeps in arms
    • Supporting baby & optimizing sleep through development leaps, including:
      • 4 months
      • 6 months
      • 8-10 months
      • 12 months
      • 18 months
    • Sleep temperament, including:
      • Signalling vs non-signalling babies
      • Highly sensitive babies
      • Sensory seeking babies
    • Red flags to look out for
    • Practical steps for supporting mom, including:
      • Weekly journal prompts
      • Affirmations
    • Building a bedtime routine, a detailed look at swaddling, the history of infant sleep, and so much more...!


    Example Content


      Course Resources

      In addition to the video lessons, you'll find an array of supporting resources within the course:

      • Peaceful Nights Course Workbook
      • Guides, including:
        • Introducing a Crib - The 8 Step Guide
        • Night Weaning Quick Reference Guide
      • Action Plans, including:
        • 4 Sense Steps for Co-Soothing
        • 7 Steps for Safe Swaddling
        • Troubleshooting Action Plans
        • Cheat Sheets, including:
          • Development Leaps Cheat Sheet
          • Tired Cues Cheat Sheet
          • Pre-emptive Soothing Cheat Sheet
        • Reference Sheets, including:
          • Frequent Wakes Fact Sheet
          • Supporting Sleep Drives Quick Reference Sheet
          • Total Sleep Hours Quick Reference Sheet
          • Example Bedtime Rhythm
          • Safe Sleep Guidelines
          • 6 Steps to Mommy Wellness
        • Bonuses:
          • Good Night Milk - Night Weaning Bedtime Story
          • Affirmations


        Course Experience

        • Access: After your purchase, you will receive an email providing you with your individual, lifetime access to the course.
        • Pace: You can progress through the Peaceful Nights course at your own pace and revisit any section at any time in the future.
        • Duration: Over 2 hours of specialised & holistic sleep support content.
        • Format: 50 video based lessons.  You can watch the modules via your device, or simply plug in headphones and listen to the audio.
        • Device: Fully mobile responsive, so that you can take your course on the go from any phone, tablet, or computer.
        • Materials: The course comes with a supporting workbook and a collection of useful cheat sheets, guides and reference material, plus a bonus night weaning story to read & enjoy with your little one.
        • Accessibility: Includes closed captions/subtitles.


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