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Weaning Gently

Weaning Gently

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Gentle Weaning Guide | For Babies and Toddlers

Whether you're considering night weaning, full weaning, or simply looking to set some limits, this gentle guide will support you through every aspect of your weaning journey.

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What's Inside?

Gentle weaning methods

You'll find the safest and gentlest weaning methods detailed in full, to best support your journey.

Night weaning

Explore how to gently and safely remove or reduce night feeds, without impacting your little one's sense of comfort and security at night-time.

Dropping the bedtime feed

Learn how to gently drop the bedtime feed, without impacting sleep.


Learn how to gently transition away from all-night-latching, without any need for disconnect or 'training'.

Weaning from bottle feeds

You'll find safe and practical methods for reducing and removing bottle feeds.

Partial weaning & returning to work

Learn how to safely remove or reduce certain feeds, while keeping others. Partial weaning can bring so much flexibility, especially for families navigating a return to work.

Setting gentle limits

Learn how to set gentle limits and boundaries around feeds.

Weaning from pumping

Learn how to safely remove and reduce pumping sessions.

Keeping mom safe

Learn what to expect, both physiologically and emotionally, during your weaning journey, and how to wean in a way that keeps you safe and well.

Child-led weaning

If you plan to nurse until your child self-weans, this guide will walk you through what to expect and how best to support both yourself and your little one along the way.


Explore your options for breastfeeding and gentle weaning during pregnancy.


The guide includes journalling prompts and affirmations, to support you on your weaning journey.

Night weaning

Removing Sleepy Feeds

Removing the bedtime feed, navigating perma-latching, and reducing or removing night feeds are all covered in full, without any mention of training or disconnect.

The guide will walk you through how to approach night time changes through an attachment lens, and in a way that maintains your little one's sense of security and comfort, even when the milk is removed.

Safe & Gentle

A Truly Gentle Approach

By working with biological needs and norms, and leaning into comfort and connection, we can make changes safely and gently.

It's this truly gentle approach that lies at the heart of every method within this guide.


Tailoring Your Journey

Weaning doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’ – it really can be as flexible as you want to make it.

This guide will help you drop the feeds that feel overwhelming or burdensome, and keep the ones that bring you peace.

  • "I've been using the guide and have seen incredible progress with my boob-attached toddler. He's been replacing feeds with snuggles. Thank you so much for making this weaning journey one that feels like it's honouring not only my child, but the relationship we've built over the last 2.5 years."

  • "I was so incredibly nervous and anxious about weaning my little guy off of his night feeds, but by night 3 he was sleeping 9 hours straight! I am still keeping his bedtime and early morning feeds for now. Thank you for making this transition so much better for this emotional mama!"

  • "We nursed for 19 months! The snuggles have been amazing so far since we used the guide to wean with 2 weeks ago."

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Attachment First

The methods within this guide are all safe, rooted in attachment and evidence-based.

We can remove or reduce feeds in biologically safe and appropriate ways, without removing or reducing connection.

Resources that make a real difference...

Whether you're looking to wean entirely, night wean, or simply set a few limits around feeds, this guide offers an array of safe and gentle methods, that can be used singularly, or side-by-side.

Alongside the specific strategies, you'll find holistic support weaved throughout, including journalling prompts and affirmations.

Every page is designed to protect and support your physical and emotional well-being, alongside your child's.

  • "Just weaned our last night feeding and your guide was so helpful. No fussing, just a slow and gentle transition from boob to bottle and now rocking to sleep without boob, just like he does at naps."

  • "754 days of breastfeeding and I think last night was our last! Thank you for the weaning guide, it definitely gave me the confidence to wean my all night nurser!"

  • "The methods are so gentle and not only did bub let go well, so did my body! No discomfort, nothing!! And for that I'm forever grateful."

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