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Holistic Sleep Course | For infants 0-18 months

Evidence-based and attachment-focused, this course will equip you with knowledge, strategies and support for navigating every aspect of infant sleep.

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"This is everything I needed, thank you so much"


"It's like a weight has been lifted, bedtime used to be so stressful, but now it's my favourite time of the day"


"My baby now sleeps happily in his crib, thank you for making this transition so much easier for this tired mom!"


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"I just have to say how thankful I am for finding you and purchasing your sleep consultation. My husband and I still contact nap during the day but we are so happy we have been able to transfer our little guy to independent sleep at night. Thank you so so so much Louise!!"

- Misha -

"I bought your weaning gently guide online, and boy oh boy did it help me. Your methods were so gentle and not only did bub let go well, so did my body! No discomfort, nothing!! And for that I'm forever grateful to you. From one mama to another - thank you!"

- Keya -

"Your napping guide has released a lot of stress and is going very well ~ thank you!"

- Melissa -

"I have been blessed to have found Louise during the most vulnerable and beautiful time during my fourth trimester and connected several times through her 1:1 Support Bundle. Each email was like having a conversation with an old friend whose words and compassion were fuel to my soul during a much needed time. Truly the best gift I could give myself and my son."

- Kara -

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Motherhood is both beautiful and exhausting, and so many of us find ourselves walking through the early years with very little practical support.

As a mom of two myself, and with years of experience supporting moms postpartum, I understand all-too-well how important it is to have informed, caring and holistic support on hand.

From breastfeeding support to infant sleep and everything in between, I've got you covered mama. Think of me as your very own virtual Lactation Consultant, here to help and cheer you on.

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"Your guide works for us. I didn't know weaning could be this gentle and tantrum-free. I have a 15 month old toddler who used to nurse every 3 hours, and now I only breastfeed her at night time and when she's not feeling so well. So glad I found your page."

- Chinie -

"Louise is a kind genuine soul who truly cares about her clients. I came across her page one night when I felt lost as a new mom. Her social media page was reassuring where I felt I could ask her for help. Louise was able to help me virtually, and her guides were very useful. She made me feel comfortable & heard. I’m very grateful."

- Melissa M -

"I had been struggling with getting my 9 month old girl to take naps and also fall asleep at bedtime. Like really struggling, but after reading your guide I realised that she was probably in the process of skipping a nap. Like honestly, where was this guide 9 months ago when I had her? Thank you so much for your loving approach to baby sleep."

- Jeanett -


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