Hi, I'm Louise

Mom of two, Paediatric Sleep and Development Specialist, P-IMH Specialist and Lactation Consultant.

I've lived through the highs and lows of nurturing babies, day and night, and believe that every family deserves research-based support that embraces responsiveness.

You'll find lots of resources here to support your journey. Everything offered is attachment-based and designed to bring more ease, and less stress, to these early years.

So get comfy and take a look around - I'm so glad you're here!

Pediatric Sleep and Development Certification

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  • Kristin

    "It's like a weight has been lifted, bedtime used to be so stressful, but now it's my favourite time of the day"

  • Tasha

    "My baby now sleeps happily in his crib, thank you for making this transition so much easier for this tired mom!"

  • Becky

    "This is everything I needed, thank you so much"

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The Bedtime Guide

Gentle Bedtimes | 0-5 Years

For smoother, calmer and altogether easier bedtimes, this guide has you covered.

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Nap So Simple

Stress-Free Naps | 0 - 3 years

From contact napping to gentle crib transitions, and everything in between, this attachment-focused guide is your ticket to stress-free naptimes.

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Your Baby's Brain

Infant Mental Health | 0 - 3 years

Your complete guide to supporting and protecting your baby's developing brain and well-being, both right now and in the years to come.

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Weaning Gently

Gentle Weaning | Babies & Toddlers

Whether you're considering night weaning, full weaning, or simply looking to set some limits, this gentle guide will support you through every aspect of your weaning journey.

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1:1 Virtual Consult

1:1 support from the comfort of your own home.

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1:1 Support Bundle

A full month of personalized support, on-demand.

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  • Stephanie

    "This has been the gentlest approach to the early years that I could imagine. As a psych, I love that everything shared is attachment-based."

  • Tash

    "I just love that there's no sleep training and yet our baby is sleeping so much better!"

  • Clare

    "I'm not stressed about my baby's sleep anymore."

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Baby Sleep Mini-Guide

Feeling confused about what’s normal when it comes to infant sleep?

Get your free Baby Mini-Guide today!

  • Leanne

    "This course has improved everyone's sleep! My baby's, mine, and even my partner's! But on top of that, it's also given me so much knowledge and so many tools for supporting my baby's development. Thank you!"

  • Elise

    "We've gone from lots of tears and very long bedtimes, to our toddler falling asleep easily within 20 minutes. He's loving his new routine and loves his big boy bed!"

  • Keya

    "I bought your Weaning Gently guide online, and boy oh boy did it help me. Your methods were so gentle and not only did bub let go well, so did my body! No discomfort, nothing!! And for that I'm forever grateful to you. From one mama to another - thank you!"

  • Sara

    "My baby is napping happily in his crib thanks to your nap guide, which has made our transition to daycare so much easier! We still contact nap when I need the extra cuddles, but having the option of crib naps brings us so much flexibilty!"

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  • Misha

    "I just have to say how thankful I am for finding you and purchasing your sleep consultation. My husband and I still contact nap during the day but we are so happy we have been able to transfer our little guy to independent sleep at night. Thank you so so so much Louise!!"

  • Chinie

    "Your guide works for us. I didn't know weaning could be this gentle and tantrum-free. I have a 15 month old toddler who used to nurse every 3 hours, and now I only breastfeed her at night time and when she's not feeling so well. So glad I found your page."

  • Melissa M

    "Louise is a kind genuine soul who truly cares about her clients. I came across her page one night when I felt lost as a new mom. Her social media page was reassuring where I felt I could ask her for help. Louise was able to help me virtually, and her guides were very useful. She made me feel comfortable & heard. I’m very grateful."

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