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Your Baby's Brain

Your Baby's Brain

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A Complete Guide to Infant Mental Health | 0 - 3 years

Written in alignment with international infant mental health competency frameworks, this guide will equip you with developmentally appropriate information and practical exercises to protect and support your baby’s mental health and well-being, both right now and in the years to come.

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What's Inside?

Infant Neurology

We dive into the neuroscience underpinning your baby's development and well-being, including Everything you need to know about neural wiring, pruning, and sensitivity.


Learn about the 'external womb' and how we can work with biology to best support our little ones' development.


Learn how to work with and support the neural foundations of infant communication - mirroring, responsiveness and serve-and-return.

Maternal Mental Health

We take a look at how mom and baby's mental well-being interlink, and we explore the safest and most effective ways to best protect and support baby's mental health and well-being via postnatal moderation.


We explore the differences between positive, moderate and toxic stress, how best to regulate, and what repair looks like in practice.


We take a look at the norms of infant sleep, the biological impact of sleep training, and how best to repair afterwards.

Separation & Daycare

Learn the steps for smooth transitions, specific action steps for challenges at drop-off, scripting to support separation, and how best to bridge separation so that your little one thrives at daycare.

The Nervous System, Temperament & Sensitivity

Understand your baby's unique temperament traits and to support regulation and thriving.


Learn how to support attachment in the healthiest ways, and why doing so acts as a protective buffer for your little one's developing brain and mental health, both now and in the future.


The guide includes scenario scripting, journalling prompts and affirmations, to support you in supporting your baby.

Baby and toddler sleep

Supporting Sleep, Safely and Gently

When we think of infant sleep, we often question whether wakeful nights are problematic for baby's development. Similarly, we may question whether sleep training is truly safe for our little ones.

This guide explores biological sleep norms, takes a kind-yet-honest look at sleep training, and offers practical exercises for repair, as needed.

Stress and Separation

An Emotional Buffer

Stress occurs in three distinct categories, and as parents, we are built to act as emotional 'buffers' to protect our little ones from the negative impacts of stress.

This guide explores stress through a biological lens, offering both knowledge and practical tools for supporting little ones through common stressors, such as car-seat crying and daycare drop-off.

Mom's Well-Being

Supporting Mom and Baby

Learn the power of postnatal moderation in protecting and supporting your little one's mental health.

Whether you experience anxiety or not, you (exactly as you are) are enough to support your baby's thriving.

  • "This guide both affirmed my mothering style AND taught me a great deal about infant mental health. I hope this reaches as many parents as possible, we need more patience and understanding of infants."

  • "This is a must-read for every mama and mom-to-be."

  • "I found the examples and scripts to be super helpful for me. I feel like I’ll be able to easily relate them to our day-to-day experiences."

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Attachment First

Written in alignment with international infant mental health competency frameworks, this guide is evidence-based and rooted in attachment, to give you peace of mind as you support your baby both right now, and in the years to come.

Resources that make a real difference...

Throughout this guide, you'll find practical exercises and example scenarios to support your journey.

Alongside the specific exercises, you'll also find holistic support weaved throughout, including journalling prompts and affirmations.

  • "I LOVED the exercises throughout, as they are things I can put into practice right away and see results right away. The baby-crying-in-the-car exercise really got me. The sample ‘script’ is exactly what I say to my baby and I find peace knowing that I’m soothing in a productive way."

  • "The guide soothed my mama heart and gave me practical knowledge on how to best support my baby’s mental well-being."

  • "I sleep trained my oldest son and your approach this this topic was very helpful without being judgmental. I feel like this is a wonderful tool for parents to feel more empowered and informed on how to be the best in-tune parents we can be."

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