5 Steps for Easier Car Rides

5 Steps for Easier Car Rides

While some babies love the rhythmic, sensory experience of car rides, others will cry from the minute they're placed into their seat.
Let's unpack five steps that make car rides easier for the whole family...


1. Consider switching from a bucket style seat, to a convertible seat

This can make a huge difference, as the ‘L' shape of a convertible seat applies less tension to baby’s body than the ‘C’ shape of the bucket.


2. Consider bodywork

Anecdotally, there’s a big overlap between babies with oral ties/restrictions and babies who HATE car travel.  Tension and misalignment don’t mix well with car seats, so incorporating some baby massage and/or professional bodywork care into your routine can make a big difference. 


3. Comfort check

Check that baby isn’t too hot/cold/hungry/gassy etc.  It seems obvious, but ensuring any gas is relieved *before* setting off on a journey will improve baby’s comfort and make the drive so much easier on everyone.


4. Bridge the separation

Using in-car mirrors so that baby can see you, and/or bridging the separation and easing any associated anxiety through your voice can make a big difference.


5. Soothe and distract

Special car toys (these don’t have to be fancy!) and soothing music can help.

Rest assured, time is on your side when it comes to car rides.  Overall, the older children get, the more road trips are likely to be tolerated, and dare I say it...enjoyed!

Easier journeys are ahead!


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