What’s The Deal With Breast Pump Cushions?

What’s The Deal With Breast Pump Cushions?

How BeauGen is changing the landscape for pumping moms.

If you’ve ever used a breast pump, you’ll know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to pumping. From the pump itself, to the flange size and shape…there’s often a lot of trial and error when it comes to getting comfortable while pumping.

Enter, BeauGen.

This mommy-owned business has been quietly changing the landscape for pumping moms with their signature product – a set of food-safe, BPA-free, latex-free breast pump cushions.

These cushions have been designed to reduce the friction between mom’s breast and her pump, to improve comfort and secure a better overall fit.

How?!  Well, each cushion is tacky to touch, which means that it fits comfortably against mom’s breast without movement. And no movement equals no friction, which results in a more comfortable pumping experience.

Genius, right?

There’s more. Many moms find that they naturally fall in between flange sizes. Pumping is more efficient and more comfortable when the flange fits well, so these cushions can serve as a bridge between sizes. Being just 1mm thick, they cater to those moms who don’t automatically fit into the market’s standardised sizing.

Will the cushions work with my pump?

Most likely, yes.  BeauGen have developed their cushions to work with the majority of major pump brands and accessories on the market...

BeauGen’s mission is simple. They aim to make mommying feel good, and for pumping moms, offering a product that can improve both comfort and fit is a way to do just that.

For 15% off, go ahead and pop across to BeauGen today, using code LOUISE15 at checkout.


#BeauGenPartner - I only collaborate with brands that I trust, and you may notice mommy-owned start-ups/businesses getting an extra loud shout-out in this space. Because women supporting women is where it’s at. I hope you love the brands that I carefully choose to champion as much as I do.

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