Sleep Deprivation, Me Time, and Organic Bamboo

Sleep Deprivation, Me Time, and Organic Bamboo

On the longest of nights, sitting up awake with my baby girl, I wasn’t longing for a spa retreat.

At 2am, feeding my little one for the thousandth time that night, I wasn’t even thinking about a girls’ weekend away.

When the sun rose before I’d had the chance to closed my eyes, I wasn’t day-dreaming about a full-body massage.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a massage as much as the next person, but in those moments of exhaustion and overwhelm, I was really just hoping for a little relief.

Relief in the form of a nap, an early night, or a warm bath.  Relief in the form of these little slices of 'me time' that the world so often judges as inadequate, but for a tired mommy, these pieces of everyday calm can make a world of difference to our headspace.

So a week or so ago, I posted a question box to my Instagram stories, asking what ‘me time’ looks like for moms.  Here are some of the answers:

“Scrolling through IG while baby does contact naps.”

“A shower without an audience.”


“Husband watches baby in the am while I lay in bed longer.”

Do you see the common theme?  The message that it’s so easy to miss in a world that glorifies spa retreats and demonises the daily grind?  The idea that me time for moms isn’t an act of grandeur, but an act of relief that happens in the everyday moments in between the chaos of motherhood. 

All too often, we’re sold the idea that me time is unattainable for moms.  That we must work hard for it and enjoy every single ounce of it across one epic long weekend, once a year, before the next year’s burnout starts all over again.  But away from all of the fancy marketing, and far from those shiny sales tactics, there are real moms with real lives embracing the ‘smaller’ moments and making them count.

It seems so simple, right?

And oh so necessary, because let’s face it - it’s been quite a year!

Burn-out is raging for almost all of us lately, so again, we return to the basics - the simple things that allow for rest and recovery within our daily lives.  And on that note, I bring to you Simply Organic Bamboo.

These sheets, mamas…I swear they turn my bed into a mini-resort.  They’re organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic and oh so very soft.  And they’ve been created by the loveliest mommy called Mandy, who simultaneously runs her company and raises two gorgeous babies.

Mandy's entire store consists of pure bamboo, which means that there are no blends in the weave, so the sheets literally drape in the smoothest and softest of ways.  Plus, every inch has been organically grown, so it’s not only good for us and our families, but also good for the environment and a sustainable future.  

I reached out to Mandy a few weeks back, asking if she’d let me share my thoughts here in this space about these beautiful sheets, and I’m so glad that she agreed, because she’s also create a discount code for anyone who uses the code BAMBOO25 at checkout.  So if you’ve been considering a little upgrade to your bedtime comfort levels, now might just be the time to take the bamboo plunge, with a whopping 25% off!

To the mama sitting up in bed, awake at 2am and soothing a wakeful baby…I see you.  I know that exhaustion all too well!  New bedding won’t make our babies sleep, but it sure as heck will create the loveliest of cocoons to sink into after each and every night feed.

May your rest be plentiful, my friend, and overflowing with comfort.


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