Hypoallergenic Sleepwear That Grows With Your Baby?

Hypoallergenic Sleepwear That Grows With Your Baby?

These cozies combine comfort with practicality, and they're cute too...

Is there anything better than early morning snuggles with your jammie-clad baby?


I didn’t think so!

Not all jammies are created equally, though - we’ve all bought items that shrink in the dryer, bobble after a first wear, or have zippers that lock.

So today, I bring you Soulbaby - a family-owned business that specialises in ultra-soft sleepwear that won’t fall apart after five minuets of wear.

The company is run by Hannah, a mom of one and passionate advocate of all things snuggly, “we quickly fell down the rabbit hole of bamboo sleepwear,” Hannah told me, “and we wanted to make our own. They are the softest and best for baby’s precious skin on the market.”

Soulbaby’s cozies aren’t just soft though - they’re also hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermal regulating. And perhaps best of all, they are sized from preemie all the way through to age 3.

In fact, Soulbaby is one of the only brands that will soon be offering bamboo two-piece sets in preemie sizing (launching in April!) "This was extremely important to us when starting our business,” Hannah explained, “preemie and NICU families are very dear to our hearts.”



  • Fold-over cuffs so your cozies grow with your baby
  • Two-way zipper for easy changing
  • Made from hypoallergenic bamboo

If your little one is in the market for some new sleepwear, or if you’re as jammie-obsessed as I am, go ahead and use code NURTURE10 for 10% off your next order at Soulbaby.

May your Soulbaby snuggles be cosy, my friends.



#SponsoredPost - I only collaborate with brands that I trust, and you may notice mommy-owned start-ups getting an extra loud shout-out in this space. Because women supporting women is where it’s at. I hope you love the brands that I carefully choose to champion as much as I do.

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