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These modules collectively offer a comprehensive framework for understanding and supporting human development from a biological, psychological, and social perspective.

Module 1

Sleep Anthropology

Explore the cultural variances in sleep practices and beliefs across different societies. Students will understand how sleep patterns are influenced by lifestyle, environment, and cultural expectations, providing a comprehensive view of sleep as a global human experience.

Module 2

Neurological Development

The stages of brain development from prenatal periods through early childhood. This course covers how neural pathways are formed and influenced by external factors, emphasizing the critical windows of neuroplasticity and their implications for lifelong health and behavior.

Module 3

Sleep Science

An in-depth study of the mechanisms and functions of sleep. Topics include the physiology of sleep, the sleep cycle, and the impact of sleep deprivation on mental, physical, and emotional health. Students learn methods for assessing and promoting healthy sleep habits.

Module 4

Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

The mental health of mothers and infants from pregnancy through the first year of life. The course addresses the impact of maternal mental health on infant development and attachment, discussing therapeutic interventions and preventive measures.

Module 5

Attachment Science

The theory and research behind attachment styles formed during infancy and their effect on later life relationships and behaviors. Students will assess attachment issues and learn strategies to foster secure attachment in children.

Module 6

Nervous System, Sensitivity, and Temperament

The biological bases of behavior, focusing on how the nervous system interacts with environmental stimuli to shape temperament and sensitivity. This course emphasizes personalized strategies to support children with varying sensitivity levels.

Module 7

Infant Feeding

The biological, nutritional, and emotional aspects of infant feeding, including breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Students will learn about the challenges and solutions related to infant nutrition, and the role of feeding in the parent-child bond.

Module 8

Working with Families

Effectively engage with families from diverse backgrounds, emphasizing communication skills, cultural competence, and conflict resolution. The course includes strategies for holistic family support and intervention.

Module 9

Advanced Sleep Solutions

Builds on basic sleep science to introduce advanced techniques for managing complex sleep issues. Topics include sleep training methods, the role of technology in sleep management, and strategies for special populations.

Module 10

Professional Development and Ethics

The ethical considerations and professional standards in health and developmental support fields. Students will discuss case studies, ethical dilemmas, and the importance of continuing education in maintaining professional integrity and effectiveness.